Saturday, November 29, 2014

Torch-passing, and what-not. Also, thanks!


So, the boy seems to have been bitten pretty hard by the 40k bug, and has had me digging through the Drawers of Shame for old space marines for him to paint.  So far, I've dredged up some of the old, metal-and-plastic marines from 2nd / 3rd edition, and he's been working on his technique.

 photo 97a36952-b058-462e-9644-e08e9ceab4ef.jpg

Still a few rough edges, but I'm chuffed his 8-year-old self is taking an interest.  He's taken a shine to the Salamander's chapter, which works well with my orks, and, as an added bonus, is also a chapter for which I have some old transfers kicking around.  I showed him how to do one, but the rest he did on his own.

 photo IMG_4999.jpg

I managed to knock out a few more orks through the week, this time some shoota boyz.

 photo IMG_5000.jpg

 photo c3d9bc78-f64f-4715-b529-5a9604cec239.jpg

And, I finally finished up priming the unit of Massachusetts militia that've been glaring at me for the last several weeks.

 photo IMG_5003.jpg

This was partly a product of some recent reading on the conquest of Acadia, and partly in response to the arrival of my Secret Santa gift.  It was a rather generous gift certificate to OG25s (thank you, Santa!), which translates into either some extra stuff for the Acadia project, or maybe some SAGA stuff, unless I decide to start something totally new.  Of course, a steadfast, Magpie-resistant guy like me never does anything like that.


Work's been crazy busy lately, and things are heating up even more.  The Beloved has informed me that I WILL be going out at some point next weekend for alone / geek / blowing off steam time, which makes me suspect I've been a tad more curmudgeonly than usual of late.  The GW is having some sort of 40k thing next weekend, so I might show up as the new / rusty / what was that rule again guy, and see about getting in some games.  That means some priming time this weekend, I suspect.



  1. It's great that your son is getting into the Hobby. Now you can finally get your Drawer of Shame emptied. My Drawer of Shame currently has three full hobby boxes in it.

    Your orks look great. One day, your son will outpaint you!

  2. A lovely post and great that you and the young master have a shared hobby.

  3. Terrific that your son is beginning to share your love of the hobby! Really a great step forward. I never succeeded getting my two boys much more than occasionally interested in dad's odd past time.

    Drawers of Shame? Sounds more like opportunity to me!

  4. Impressive work on those Salamanders! Great future ahead of him - both with the brush and gaming.

  5. Good work on the Salamanders, great to have the young uns involved!

  6. Nice work all round especially from the little fella!