Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holly, jolly season.


First, and foremost, a very merry Christmas to you all.

Ye gods, the last couple of weeks have been busy!  End of semester has been thoroughly kicking my fundament, but grading is finished, the Cub is back with us, and I'm in to the traditional seasonal crash-bake.  Hobby progress has been a little slow, but I've been picking away at a few things, including getting the metals done across the infantry I used in the tournament a few weeks back, and working on a couple kit-bash projects.

 photo IMG_5199.jpg
Batch painting.  Sloooooowly.

 photo IMG_5200.jpg
Scratch-ish build battlewagon.  Some work, and lots of rivets, to go.

 photo IMG_5201.jpg
Kitbash skorcha-buggy, Deffcopta base.

The big news is that I managed to set up a couple of trades, one with THMGer and Magpie aficionado AlexM, and another with a Bartertowner, for a pretty hefty selection of space marines and assorted doo-dads.  We now have at least a couple thousand points of Marines for the Cub to futz with, and he's spent the last several days digging through the box and giggling madly to himself.

 photo IMG_5202.jpg
Big box.  Need a better storage system.

 photo 82080df0-688c-4264-a504-521d943d8697.jpg
Cub's growing Crusade.  Next up, a Deathwing terminator.

I fear I may have created a monster ;)  Post-Christmas, we'll see about getting out to the G-dub for a game.

Should get in a post or two before the new year, especially if we get in a game, but until then, a very merry Christmas to you all.  I wish you the joy of the season.