Sunday, December 28, 2014

Inter-generational conflict


Got in 2(!!) games of 40k against the Cub post-Christmas, one at home, one at the G-dub, and both were a grand time.

First game was 500 points, on our somewhat small and terrain-lacking table at home.  Guess we'll need to look into some terrain options soon ;)

View from the right flank.  I think the deffkoptas had already blown up the razorback at this point.

The game was pretty straightforward.  Cub didn't seem too concerned with the whole "capture the objectives" aspect of the game, opting instead to charge forward everything that didn't carry a heavy weapon on foot.

On the left, a mob of shoota boys and the warboss engage the Chaplain and a combat squad.  On the far left, the Shoota Nob fights a challenge with the veteran sergeant.
This led to a huge barny in the centre of the table that saw the Chaplain stand alone against a huge mob of orks, and the Warboss, for something like 3-4 rounds of combat.  Fella earned himself a paintjob.

The Chaplain who wouldn't die.

This gave Cub the time to throw some more units into the meatgrinder, including his dreadnaught.

Grist for the mill.

Meanwhile, the deffkoptas and bikes engaged.

Battle of the skirmishers.

In the Big Barny, the dreadnaught and second wave of marines accounted for some orks, but the warboss managed to get in position against the dread.

Comin' tuh getcha!

Think I might break down, and paint the 'boss soon.  Note the Chaplain at the bottom, still swinging.

Once the warboss got stuck in, the fate of the dread was pretty much sealed.

List of rejected names for the dread':  Bob, Fred, Fluffy.

The Chaplain finally went down under the green tide, and the orky survivors piled into the 'copta / bike duel.

Not long now.
Orka Vikta!
Cub's doing much better these days with game etiquette, learning to take both success and failure in stride.  He's also learning from the games themselves.  After this one, we talked about the role objectives play in determining the outcome, and based on the results of the second game we played, he'd given it some thought.

But that's for next time ;)


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  1. These are the days! There's nothing better than a "home grown" club,er, cub. ;-)