Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May Check-in


Seems like the blog has taken a back seat since coming out to the east coast.  I'm still not sure if this is a product of burnout, winter blahs, the loss of a regular mini-gaming outlet or what.  That said, there's still some geek about.

The Cub and I have been playing various things on a fairly regular basis, especially 40k and Magic.  He got some stuff for both for his birthday, and we had the trial run of his Ironclad dreadnaught the other day - it came in on a drop-pod, gutted a unit of orks, and then went down before the mighty charge of the Warboss and a pack of tank-bustas ;)

 photo orks.jpg

He also picked up the Millennium Falcon for X-Wing, via a local shop, Strange Adventures, who ordered it in for us a while back.  The inaugural game with it (vs. Slave 1) started out well for the Cub, but the wiley Boba Fett came back to win a squeaker.

 photo duel.jpg

The Beloved got wind of a local geek convention, which we hit up as a family a few weeks back.  Lots of mini-games, cosplay, comics, etc., in evidence.  Pretty much everybody had a blast.  Puddin' was rather impressed by the balloon people in Frozen costume, who presented her with an Elsa balloon girl, and Cub pretty much blew one guy's mind when he immediately identified the guy's costume as a Deathwatch marine.

 photo Deathwatch Cub.jpg

I've been getting out Wednesday nights since classes ended, playing commander at the local card shop, Games People Play, but I have to admit, the historical itch is there.  While I definitely went through something of a doldrum, I've started paying attention to historical blogs again, and have been thinking about picking up a brush.  The absence of a regular game seems inhibiting though.  Ive been thinking about digging out my Spartans, or maybe the Russian AB figs that've been moldering in the drawers of shame for the last several years.  Something . . . .



  1. Good to hear that you're back on the horse. The cub looks rather fetching in that fancy hat - have school uniforms changed across the pond?

    1. Part of the new, "No Emperor's Child left behind" program, I think . . .

  2. I've been in a similar mood. Lots of change in my life left me with no time to paint, no time to read blogs and no energy at the end of the day. I went through my lead pile and couldn't get inspired. I had no idea how to get out of it and then I remembered "Anne, buying miniatures gets you high" So I got online and went straight to Hasslefree. I've got some great figures coming and to get ready for them I'm finishing up some stuff that's been sitting on the table for five months.

    So I could see how something as big as a move would throw you completely out the loop. It's good to see you again and it's good to hear that you and the Cub are still gaming together!

    1. Yeah, Hasslefree can have that effect - I have a few of them, might dig them out ;)

  3. Acadian project!

    You might find some local interest in that one too.

  4. Glad to see you back...nice spaceship!