Friday, May 29, 2015

More Sprog Wars


The Cub and I got down to the GW on the weekend for a biggish game; he had around 1800 points, and I had a little over 1500 (basically everything I had assembled).  We played a stripped-down objectives-based game, which went out the window early when Cub decided to throw the playbook out the window and go for the throat ;)

The local GW's terrain in all its glory.

Speed and Kaboomery vs. burny, burny, hotness.

We rolled off, and Cub won, choosing to deploy and go second.  As it turns out, it was a solid decision, as he ended up deploying extremely well.  I had spread my boys out across the table (orks take up a fair bit of space).  Both my shoota mobs were on the left, along with my Battlewagon, and my Tankbustas (with Doc and Warboss) and Slugga boyz were on the right.  Cub stuck his Redeemer across from my shootas and Wagon (which is tooled for anti-infantry, and can't actually damage his Redeemer short of ramming it), and concentrated his own infantry across from my anti-armour assets.  Little sprog is learning ;)

Clever Cub; that Redeemer is going to tie up the whole flank.

What I should have done here is just run the shootas over.

He jammed his Redeemer forward on the left, which game me some real problems.  While I had a 'Klaw on that side, charging the Redeemer was an iffy prospect.  Walking the boys across the table was chancy too; I'd leave myself open to the super-flamers on the Redeemer, and would be giving up the objectives on the left side of the table.

You can see the drop pod in the centre.  There's an Ironclad dred' tucked out of sight.

On the centre-right, things heated p when he dropped some Terminators and a drop-pod with his (new) Ironclad into the mix.  Now we were fighting on my backfield.

Last charge of Mugrot's Boyz

Loaded for bear, if S7 could hurt a bear.

On the right, I moved up my shootas to engage the marine squad and terminators, while the Redeemer rumbled closer.  In the centre, Cub funnelled the bulk of his infantry through a narrow corridor - it should have been a shooting gallery, but with the ironclad trying up things, I could only unload with tankbustas and some grots.  I traded a rokkit buggy for a Razorback, but things were getting tense.

Tankbustas take the high ground.

That's a lot of power armour.

His Redeemer was now in solid control of the left flank.  I'd lost one shoota squad in an assault on the flame-tank, and while his terminators were taking casualties, they'd shrugged off something like 50 wounds.  Stupid 2+ saves ;)  My other shoot squad opted for the better part of valour, and my Battlewagon lumbered around, trying to get a shot on the horde approaching from the centre.

The rokkitboyz held their own, thinning out the mob of power-armour, and my warboss did yeoman service against Cub's second dred, but when we called the game for time, the tide was definitely turning against me.  Another turn or two, and Cub would have had it, so we called the game in his favour.  He's eager to play again ;)

Warboss vs. Dreadnaught at bottom.

Between the game, and binge-reading Cornwell's Saxon series, I've had my painting mojo recharged a little.  I've got a point of Vikings almost finished (just need to base them), and hopefully a post for next week.  I've also been eyeing some 15s, so maybe the wind in my sails will hold a bit.


  1. That's one nice looking board. My congratulations to the Cub on his win!

  2. This table is simply amazing!

  3. At first I thought I was imagining things, then I saw my previous comment.

    Glad to hear your mojo is returning. Now I've got "A viking we will go, a viking we will go, heigh-ho the derry-o, a viking we will go" stuck in my head.