Friday, July 3, 2015

I love my wife.

Hi all,

I suspect I'm rubbing off on the Beloved.  The other day we were at the G-Dub en famille (I had taken Cub down for a game, the girls came to pick us up), and pon arrival, she showed me the following:


"Swear to God", she said, "I couldn't figure out why they'd make orc flavoured candy".

She wasn't joking - she actually read the flavour as "Orc Hards".

I love that woman.

On a tangentially related note, for those that don't know, GW is about to overhaul their Fantasy game.  As of writing, we honestly don't know a whole lot, other than that they're indicating core rules and model info on existing figures will be free, and that the ruleset coming in the teaser / starter box bears only limited resemblance to the existing system.  Of course, given that we have, at best, only a limited and partial ideas of how the new rules work, the internet promptly responded with multiple days of speculation-based rage that boil down to this:

With a side helping of this:

Take a look over at Warseer.  There is a 120 page plus thread full of absolutely vile and billious venting, the basis of which is the half-formed sense of the new edition we have so far.  This, with full rules to be released, for free, Saturday.  I will never understand this aspect of the internet.  While the new game (and it does appear to be a new game, rather than a new edition) may prove to be a steaming pile, why not wait until the thing is, to stretch the metaphor, fully excreted?

In the meantime, the fairly reliably info that I will, in fact, be able to play with my Bret models in the new game has cheered my up tremendously.  I had started up some new knights a few weeks back, and then stalled, as the rumors at the time were that proud Bretonnia would be no more.  With new rules for my (as Puddin' refers to them) "horsies" about to drop, it's time I put bush to figure.

Speaking of Brets, I've yet to post pics of my new Lord, the one I converted up a while back.

Still coming up with a name.


I'm reasonably pleased with how he turned out.  I'd like to get the barding a little more crisp, but he'll suffice for now.



I ran this guy in the game against Chris a few weeks back, and he did pretty well.  Curious to see how he'll translate into the new rules.

To be honest, I do have my own trepidations about the new version of Warhammer Fantasy, most notably among them the complete abandonment of the old fluff.  The Warhammer world is gone, along with much of what drew me to GW / fantasy in the first place.  While aspects of what I'm seeing in the new system do seem to address recurring problems for the game (especially the insanely high cost of entry), it appears to be a much "looser" game, and one that explicitly draws on the 40k aesthetic.  The thing is, if I want to play 40k, I can.  If I want to play skirmish outside the Warhammer world, I can.  So why would I play Fantasy 40k light, other than I've already sunk a pile of money into a pool of models that the producing company more or less just torpedoed, and seems to be indicating they will no longer meaningfully support?

GW seems to be gambling that the Age of Sigmar system will attract far more new players than it drives away old ones, but that seems like a tall order.  They'll have to directly compete against Privateer Press, Spartan, Malifaux, Mantic (who are gleefully about to release their latest version of the "I can't believe it's not warhammer" rules, Kings of War), et.c.  Do they have the chops to do it?

Tomorrow's the big reveal, and no doubt there'll be lots of releases over the upcoming months.  Fingers crossed . . . .



  1. 'Reasonably pleased...'? FMB he is outstanding! Great work. Dare I ask which part of the orc gives us 'orc hards'? My guess would be the skull.

  2. I agree entirely with Natholeon, that is a stunning piece of work!

  3. Outstanding, love the work on the colors and heraldy, very very very impressive!