Friday, December 25, 2015

Hi all,

Bit of an odd Christmas this year.  For the first time in a while, the Cub's been away at his mom's on The Day.  We'll have him back tomorrow, but his absence is notable, especially now that we're living away out East and the four of us are pretty much it for family in the region.

Christmas morning had most of its usual animation, thanks to the Puddin', who had the grace to sleep in until 8am (evidently, she had tried to stay up to see Santa, and it backfired on her).  She's now 4, which is a pretty fun age for Christmas, and a grand time was had by all.  I've spent much of the day in a heroic effort to stem the tide of food and nibbles emerging from the kitchen, and studiously not checking my work email.

It seems to have been something of a GW Christmas this year, as I've picked up a slaughterpriest for AoS, some Deff Dreds for my orks, along with Boss Zagstruk from my Secret Santa.  The latter has the gears turning, as I've a few old school storm boyz tucked away, and which might need to be dug out.

Along with some stocking stuffers (I knew I married the right women when she proved she knew my preferences in super glue), I also picked up the new version of the X-Wing starter set from my in-laws, and a Poe Dameron card from the boys at the FLGS.  I suspect this'll get some use with the Cub upon his return, as the new film was a big hit with us.

Peace and joy of the day to all of you.  I hope you're with family, and those whom you love.  Best wishes, and Merry Christmas.


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