Sunday, June 12, 2016

Not actually dead

Hi all,

Despite evidence to the contrary, I am not actually dead.  For a variety of reasons, ranging from being crazy busy, to loss of mojo, to flat-out apathy, I've not updated in some time - really since Christmas, as the Cub has taken to reminding me.  While geek activity has been somewhat curtailed, it's not been entirely absent, so in a bid to get the juices flowing, I figured (and placate the aforementioned Cub), I figured I'd do a catch-up post.

There's a few things I should hit from the outset, including a big "thank-you" to Ray for the peltasts I won in a give-away he ran some time ago.  They'll be painted up anon and find their way into the hoplite morph army I've been picking at for the last few years.  Thanks, Ray!

In gaming terms, most of my activity has been with the Cub.  This has mostly focused on  Bolt Action and 40k - for the latter, I suspect his stock of painted stuff now exceeds my own ;)

I've also managed to get out to the local GW, sometimes with the Cub, sometimes solo, when they have big / apocalypse games.  We're generally hideously outgunned at these events (there's a lot of Forgeworld shenanigans ;), but the eye candy is top notch.



Finally, I've fallen down the rabbit hole of MMORPGs a bit of late, having been playing both the online Star Wars (to which Cub has also taken a shine) and LotR games.  I find even when my energy is too low to paint (or at least enjoy it), I can still get something out of them.

That said, the other weekend, the local GW had themselves a birthday bash, and Cub and went.  Got in some games, did a little speed painting, and it seems to have fired me up a little.  We'll see if I can get back in the groove, and hopefully start knocking out some models.