Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Holy Cheesedoodles!

Hi all,

A post or two ago, I mentioned anticipating a package of 6mm stuff.  It was waiting for me when I got home yesterday, and upon opening, I was gobsmacked.  In addition to what we'd discussed, my buddy Stewart sent along a pile of additional goodies, including the Russian Artillery park.  All of it.

The box of happiness and joy.

I now have the makings of SYW armies for the Brits and Austrians, the ability to expand the French (including a Reichsarmee contingent), the seed of some Russian SYW stuff, and the makings of a decent Russian napoleonics force for the 1813 campaign.  Huzzah!  On top of that, I've got some nice 6mm terrain (something I've been needing for a while), including buildings, camps, and bridge elements.

Armies upon armies.  Upon armies.

All of this has me, predictably, giggling madly to myself.  While in realistic terms, there's enough here to keep me painting for years, I think the immediate priorities will be the SYW Brits.  I'd really like to get an opposing force for my French, so that I can talk the Cub into trying some horse and musket era gaming.  Who knows if it will take, but it's nice to dream ;)

Russkies, sir.  Fousands of 'em.

I'll also likely pick around the Napoleonic Russians.  Blucher intrigues me, and I've enjoyed both Grande Armee and Polemos rules in the past.  Don't know if I'll go with the 80x60 bases the Toronto gang are using, or biggish squares (75 or 80 mm) to maximize their potential use with GA, etc.

Terrain.  Sweet, delicious terrain.

Either way, I've begun playing around with how to make the most of the bigger bases - there was some gorgeous stuff done in that line back when GA was high profile, and I'll be looking to take some tips there.



  1. On my goodness look at all that shiny goodness!

  2. Excellent windfall! This WILL keep you busy for years. Have fun!

  3. Use 80x60. You can just as easily use them for GA, or if you really need those bigger bases, use sabots for GA (you'll be able to cram just as many figures on). That way when you visit / come to your senses and return to TO, you can take on my French. yeah, I know, I was just as shocked as you that I chose to be the French for once.

  4. 80x60 Mr. Monkeybutt or you're in big trouble !

  5. See, Ernie's told you now. You don;t want to hurt his feelings do you?