Monday, July 25, 2016

Neither the thrill of victory,nor the agony of defeat.

Hi all,

With what I've decided will be a Swiss unit (Jener) in the midst of painting, the Cub and I got in a game of 40k yesterday.  Games have been a tad thin on the ground the last while - he was at his mom's prior to vacation, then we were on vacation, and it's been busy in the week or so since our return, so this is really the first chance we've had in more than a month.

Cub begins his first turn.

We played a 1000 points - he took a mix of boots and toys, and I went with my usual mix of shootas, tankbustas, and Deffcoptas.  We played our usual simplified Maelstrom game - each of us gets 3 obectives, and we replace them when we score if if they're un-scorable.

Deffcoptas being sneaky gits.  If only they could shoot straight!

Turn one I pushed forward my Deffkoptas, in a bid to get some shots on the rear armour of his Predator, but orky shooting was up to it's usual standard, and I didn't do much more than scratch the paint.

Binky surveys the scene of immanent carnage.

I sent my infantry up the middle, with Warboss Binky and his Painboss attached to the Tankbustas holding the centre of my line.  Shootaboyz held the flanks, using cover where they could.

Shootaboyz on da prowl.

My rokkit buggy, aka, "Da Pointz Filla", sipped about shooting targets of opportunity (to limited effect).

I don't think I've ever actually hit something with the Rikkity Rokket Buggy.

By about turn three, the Cub had locked my Tankbustas in combat with a unit of assault marines, and landed his drop pod in a position to have an Ironclad Dreadnaught reinforce the fight.

Chaos and fury in the centre table.

Out on the wings, shootboyz and Deffcoptas manoeuvred for firing lanes.

Note the night camo on this unit of shootaboyz.

Another angle.  See how those boyz are all lined up?  Just right for a strafing run :(

The barney in the middle of the table got a little swingy.  Binky faced off against the Ironclad dreadnaught, and by the power of Powerclaw, gave it a good duffing.

Binky smites the Ironclad.

Three penetrating hits with an AP2 weapon meant there was a chance the Dread would blow up, if happened to roll a "6".

Binky REALLY smites the Ironclad.

Yeah, that's a triple 6 on the roll ;)  The Ironclad exploded, much to Cub's delight, as it took out a good chunk of the tankbustas, and put wounds on pretty much anything that would take them.

The Cub then sent his second, "normal" Dreadnaught in, and it attacked Binky from behind, the cowardly git.

Ironclad's sneaky little brother sneaks up behind Binky.

Pay more attention, Binky!

The same turn Binky fell (and a hard blow that was), Cub also brought in his flyer, which is rigged out especially to shoot up orks.  It promptly gutted one shootaboz mob, and put the hurt on the other the following turn.  Things were looking bleak for Da Boyz, until a good round of combat, and some lucky shots from the remaining Deffcoptas took out the last of his infantry, his Librarian, and his flyer.  We rolled to see if there was a turn 7, but the game ended.

We had both scored 4 VPs (I had 2 objectives, first blood, and line breaker, he had 3 and the Warlord kill), so we ended up with out first tie game.  This one was pretty fun - lots of crazy cinematic moments, his Marines got to do some heroic stuff (Cub more or less did a Snoopy dance when his Dred took out Binky), and I got to push some orks around with my boy ;)

I should have a weekend post with the Jenner infantry, assuming a lack of Fear, Fire, and Foe, and hopefully some news to report on the "box in the mail" front.



  1. What could be better than man and boy pushing toy soldiers around a table?