Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Limbering up

Hi all,

Been away on holiday for a few weeks, but now back in town, and getting back into the swing of things.  While before I left, I was working on some 18mm Russians, I had some news while away that's had me shift gears a little.

These have been languishing for a while.  Two limbers, and the last of four guns.

An old buddy from Newfoundland, Stewart, got in touch with me to see if I'd be interested in a bunch of 6mm figs he was unloading.  Back in the day, Stew ran a small business selling them, and was, in fact, the guy who first got me into the scale.

Together, two guns and a limber base Voltron into an artillery unit for Might and Reason.

He's looking to get rid of the bulk of his old stock, and offered me a whack of SYW stuff, along with some Napoleonics, at bargain prices.  I jumped on the offer, and as I speak a box of Brits, French, Austrians and Russians are wending their way towards me though the bowels of Canada Post.

As a way of getting back in the 6mm groove, I dug out, and finished up, the last gun and limbers for my already existing SYW French.  These guys can, with a couple of gun bases, comprise a gun unit for Might and Reason, or serve as eye candy in Maurice.  Nothing major, but enough to get accustomed to working in the scale again, and I've got a unit's worth of French infantry drying on their painting sticks as I write this.

Meanwhile, I've been pouring over the interwebs, especially Kronoskaf, and plotting out some kind of Brit / Hanoverian army to oppose the Frenchies.  I should have enough figs to eventually put together a M&R sized army for French, Brits, and Austrians (aka, the French Germans), and a core force for Russians, in both the SYW and Napoleonics (Blucher, here I come!).  Looking forward to it as well ;)



  1. What have you been pouring over the interwebs? It'll cause a short you know. :P

    Nice stuff though. You'll need limbers too to make a swift retreat.

  2. Great basing too - suitably muddy looking!

  3. Too small for me to paint buy they look excellent!