Monday, August 1, 2016

Return of the son of Warmachine

Hi all,

For several years now, I've been lugging around moderate-sized lead piles for Warmachine - Khador and Cryx specifically.  The main motivation (if pressed) was that some day, one of the kids might show an interest.  Guess what came up in conversation about a week ago, just before the Cub went to visit his mom?  Yep - he'd come across the MK. II rule book, and wanted to try a game.

Now with more "Mah".

We tried a test game yesterday, and his assessment was, "that was awesome!".  I gave him the choice of Khador and Cryx, and while I think the latter tempted him, the sheer smashy-ness of Khador seems to have won out.

For the Motherland.

His timing is perfect, as Privateer Press is just in the process of launching the third edition of the game. I'm looking into ordering the new faction cards for Khador, and my Skorne,  A basic .pdf of the new rules is available on the PP website, so we're reading up on the rules while we wait.

In the meantime, I've dug out my Skorne, and am finishing up some work on the Venators I left half-finished some time ago.  I've also pulled out some Skorne to fit into the painting queue.  I also realized, looking back, that I never posted pics of the completed Rhinodon, so here you go:


The Rhinodon appears to be something of a forlorn hope for Skorne - I've never read or heard anyone speak well of it's utility.  It's a pity, as it's one of my favorite models.  It's evidently had a revamp in the new edition, with a new animus (the spell the creature brings for your warlock to use), and a bit of a price discount.  I love the guy, and will be keeping him.


I am, if it hasn't come across, pretty stoked about all this.  I'm a huge Warmachine fan, but my work schedule consistently interferes with my ability to get out and play.  If the Cub is showing interest, it's not only another chance to spend time together, it's the chance to spend time together on something I really enjoy.



Not to fear, I'm still jazzed about historicals, especially my 6mm loot bag. I finished up the first of the Hanoverians the other day, and they'll likely be the next post.  Good times!



  1. You know what I'm gonna say, right?!

    I'm *so* happy to see the Skorne back out there. :)

    1. Me too! Based up a Razorworm last night, and will do eHexy after that. So excited the Cub's showing an interest.

  2. What amazing looking models - wow!

  3. I built a couple of small warmachine forces ages ago too but alas no one at my club was all that keen. But who knows with the new stuff just around the corner maybe I can convince someone soon too. Alas my cub already plays too many of my games already to try out yet another of dads hair brained schemes.