Thursday, August 4, 2016


Hi all,

So, as mentioned, I finished up the first of the Hanoverian units the other day.  This bunch initially presented me with a bit of a quandary.  My experience with the Baccus6mm SYW range to date has been exclusively French, who generally come with one flag bearer per command strip, i.e., per unit.  The Brits (who also serve as Hanoverians, as the uniforms used an extremely similar cut), come with two.

Wangenhiem R, Stolzenbur L.  The latter have black cuffs and lapels, the former white cuffs.

Upon inquiry with the sages, i.e., the internet, the general consensus was that the Brits carried both a regimental and "King's" flag.  Now, so did the French (which is why my French units have two flags, one per stand), but evidently, the French only carried double flags on the first battalion, and a single flag for the rest.  Also, while French regiments often had multiple battalions in the field, it was far more common for the Brits to have one.  All of this boiled down to an excuse to jam more flags into the unit, with the excuse that for the Brits and Hanoverians, each unit of two bases comprised (roughly) two battalions, from different regiments.  As such, I present the combined Wangenheim and Stolzenburg unit.

Picking out those tails was a pain in mine.  Do kind of like the flags, though.

I'm reasonably pleased with how this lot turned out.  The Brit figs are a little more fiddly than the French - more detail, more bunched together. For example, there's a clearly defined buckle on the chest strap.  This is rather cool, given the scale, but also presents something of a challenge for painting - how to a) pick out the detail in a way that makes it distinguishable, but b) doesn't leave the figure looking overly busy?  No doubt, I'll improve / resolve the issue with practice.

Cumberland's lads.

I've got some dragoons I'm working on next, and a Skorne Razorworm that just needs some varnish and flock.  They'll likely be the next few posts.  We're also waiting for the new cards for Warmahordes Mk III, which are on order at our FLGS, so hopefully will have a few AARs in the not too distant future.  Until then, enjoy what's left of the summer.



  1. Excellent, Markus! Good to see progress on your SYW project. Single element, battalion basing is the way forward and your Hanoverians look great.

  2. The French also carried two flags per battalion, not just the first battalion. The first had a white flag and a regimental flag, the other battalions two regimental flags!

  3. Very very nice indeed, you seem to have nailed it from the off. Those tails on the jackets are very crisp