Sunday, October 16, 2016

Army on Parade. Well, squad, anyway.

Hi all,

So, Armies on Parade has come and gone at the G-Dub, and sadly, I didn't get the Khorne force finished in time.  The 6 or 7 weeks I've had to paint (since finding out about the date and deciding to paint up the Khorne starter) just wasn't enough time.  That said, they're a heck of a lot closer to finished than they've been for most of the last year, at least some of them are done, I've played with them in two tournaments and against the Cub, and ended up picking up some more stuff to add to the list.

Bloodsecrator.  Pretty much auto-include in a Khorne mortals force.

Bloodsecrator backside.  Baby got back.

What's done so far is pretty fair as table-top goes, but I did find myself burning out a little on batch painting, and wanting to slow down and do better work - I'm going to want to go back at some point and pick things out a little better, especially on the metals.  GW's new gloss washes are killer for getting things to the church on time, but they're not a replacement for focused painting.


Rear view.  Flash has taken the shine off the brass a little.

The Bloodwarrior unit, slightly expanded from the starter box, is complete.  These fellas have been growing on me as I've gotten a little more practiced with the Bloodbound.  They're a pretty solid counter-punch unit, benefit from all the buffs the force can bring to bear, and have a few nasty surprises for anyone that takes them out.

More Warriors.


As I was working exclusively from the starterbox sculpts, there's a few minor conversions in here - mostly arm and weapon swaps.  The bannerman is a kitbash with bitz from the Chaos knight sprue.  Still deciding what to do as a symbol on the flag - a Khorne mark may be enough, but who knows, I might get ambitious.

We did at least go to the Armies on Parade event, and both Cub and I brought a few models - enough for him to qualify for the participation pin ;)  There were some standout forces on display, including a killer table sporting a Seraphon stepped pyramid, and one of the best weathering paintjobs I've ever seen in person.

Doesn't show, but this was a stellar paint job.

Seraphon table.

Cub and I are thinking about doing a joint display for next year - either orks vs. marines, or Khorne vs. Stormcast.  With a little more lead-time, we might even get things done in time ;)


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  1. Seriously good miniatures and I just love the look of the Lizardmen - wonderful stuff.