Saturday, October 22, 2016

First of a new (old) breed.


All the AoS stuff of late has had me going back to my Bretonnians.  I rebased them on to rounds / ovals over the last week, and got around to finishing another knight - one that's been sitting on my shelf half done for quite some time.

Old school meets new school.

There's actually a fair bit of conversion going on here.  I have, through a variety of trades / eBay purchases, a reasonable stock of some of the older metal Bretonnian models.  The trouble is, those figs are all on the 5th edition horses, which are notably smaller than the current models (take a look at my Prophetess compared the to knights in the picture below).

Dainty horse for the damsel.

The difference is enough that I wouldn't want to use the different horses in the same unit.  The downside is that the older models came with alternate heads for the horse, often with funky decorations that matched the helm crests of the riders.  So I dug out my razor saw and files, and got to work.

An angelic presence?

The overall effect is pretty subtle - unless you know the Bret model range, you're unlikely to pick up on it, but I know what's been done, and I'm chuffed to be able to use the old models (which I love) in a way that's compatible with the more recent stuff.

But maybe a little dark, and broody.

Keen-eyed observers may recognize where the colours and heraldry come from.  I had a cheeky idea to do up a unit of these converted models with strangely familiar iconography, to those suitably initiated into the G-Dub mysteries ;)  As it turns out, I need to get a bunch more of these painted anyways.  The points provided for Brets in the General's Handbook, while welcome (since GW no longer supports the line, bothering to do this at all is appreciated), are clunky - units are bought in atypically large chunks.  Taking more knights is hardly a big problem, however, and it's an excuse to paint more knights.