Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bloody Thank-yous

Hi all,

First, I need to say a big "thank you" to my Blogger Secret Santa, who appears to be disconcertingly organized.  I received a package in the mail a few days back, and so far, have resisted the urge to peek, despite the fact that I haven't the foggiest idea what might be inside.

In other news, I finished (for now, might tinker a little later) with my Khorne Lord on Juggernaught for my growing AoS Bad Guys army.

Vahkos, Lord of Khorne.

I was thinking about adding some flock or static grass, but don't know whether to go with muted tones, or some green for contrast.

I've been quite chuffed with this guy on the table-top, and have liked the model since I first saw it years ago.  I put some topcoat on it, as it's Finecast and a bit fragile, but that seems to have washed out some of the shading.  Hence the potential revisit in a bit.

I love the little goat beard effect.

His axe isn't quite as scary as the foot Lord, but it does the job.

Not sure what I'll paint next.  I've had a hankering to revisit the Hanoverians, so maybe some infantry there.  A change of pace will be nice.



  1. I will second that.
    Maybe some withered grass? As in, his mere presence would...

  2. Man, I really hope your secret santa saw my fb post to your wall.