Monday, February 13, 2017

Broken Silence

Hi all,

Been some time since my last post, mostly a mix of winter doldrums, painter's block, and a life that just seems to keep getting busier.  That said, the boy and I got in a Kill Team game yesterday ( our first game in AGES), and had ourselves a fine time.

Note the new bridge on the right - thanks Secret Santa!

It was orks vs marines, with an objective based mission.  Cub ha first turn, but thanks to my (randomly determined) leader ability, I stole it ;)

I used the opportunity to push forward my deffcoptas, and seized the first objective.  Objectives in this scenario are "mysterious", ie., they have a randomly determined characteristic that's not determined until someone moves to control them.  In this case, the outcome was anti-climactic, as objective 1 turned out to be entirely mundane.


On his turn, Cub moved up his marines, taking over the objective closest to his deployment - which, rather than a dud, turned out to be a bomb!  We'd be rolling at the end of each turn to see if it went of, something that let to a fair bit of hilarity as the game proceeded.


On my turn, I took the third objective, which turned out to generate a mysterious cloaking field, and got a point for first blood, when one of my deffcoptas sniped a marine.  Adding insult to injury, one of my gretchin (unpainted, no less) took out one of Cub's marines.  That little guy is getting painted post haste ;)


On his turn, Cub started to turn the tables, taking out a Deffcopta, bringing in an outflanking force, and cutting down the presumptuous grot in a hail of bolter fire.



Thing now started to get hectic.  Both kill team had closed to close range / assault distance, and models were dropping all across the table.



Marine armor began to turn the tide.  Cub did a good job focusing fire, and thinning out the ork swarm.  I lost my other Deffcopta, several orks, and most of my grots.  He seized the second objective, and by turn 6, had me below my break point, which meant I started to bleed models quickly.


As it was, I squeezed out a win (3 points for 1 objective, leader kill, and first blood, vs Cub's 2 objective points), but things were very much going his way - had the game gone on another turn, he'd almost certainly have had it.

Cub had fun, and seems to like Kill team.  I might see if we can find some kind of capaign / team xp rules to use, as they're often fun.  A high point for me was getting the new bridge into the game - it was my present from Ian and Cath's Secret Santa this year, and is very much the business.

Hopefully this'll break the slump, and I'll be posting a little more frequently than once every 3 months ;)



  1. Great to hear from you and a great game to boot.

  2. Cherish that win old chap. I have great memories of playing wargames with my dad.