Saturday, December 2, 2017

Beginning of the end?

Hi all,

Perhaps something of a predicable post title, given my last one.  Some more from George's army, this time a couple of British regiments, the 11th and 24th.

11th left, 24th on the right.

This was actually the Cub's pick.  I showed him my sheet of printed flags, and told him to pick 2; this is what he chose.  What he doesn't know, yet, is that the 24th was the regiment commanded by L-G Edward Cornwallis, who among other things was the founder and first Governor of Halifax (where I live), is a figure of local controversy (as one of his first policies here was to establish a bounty on the local Mi'kmaq people, explicitly targeting women and children), and was, I think, the uncle of the other Cornwallis, the one in that movie with Mel Gibson.


I think I'm sticking with the embiggened flags.  They've grown on me ;)


This lot make up the first of the second half of the Brit / Hanoverian army.  Next up, I think, will be some more infantry, and then some light dragoons, but might be a few extra days until I post.  I'm super busy with work-related stuff, so am only able to snatch a bit of painting time here and there for the next week or two.  I figure if needed I'll get up some pics of the backlog of stuff I did for AoS, as there's Khorne aplenty to photograph.



  1. 6mm?! Wow! These look amazing. They definitely look like British regiments! Very impressive.

  2. Excellent work! You make these 6s pop! Your larger flags have grown on me too.

  3. I like the look, and the over-sized flags really work well for 6mm.

  4. Lovely looking British infantry, the oversize flags work really well for me.
    Best Iain

  5. Very impressive - I just can’t get going on 6mm naps. They are a step too far for my skills and patience at present.