Wednesday, November 29, 2017

End of the beginning

Hi all,

Some new reinforcements for the Hanoverians, a unit made up of the regiments Sporken and Ledebour.

Sporken (L), Ledebour (R)

These guys take my force to half finished (assuming I'm aiming for something about the same size as my French).  The plan is to aim for 8-9 units of infantry, 4-5 horse, and assorted guns.

Think I have a handle on the Turnbacks now.

I'm getting into a groove with these guys.  The Brit / Hanoverians are a little smaller, I think, than the French, or maybe it's just the sculpt, but I seem to have a handle on them.

Santa needs to bring me a light box.  Also, a better sense of focal depth.

This is also the first unit with the larger flags I mentioned in the last post.  Even more than the last batch, these guys are clearly out of scale, but having had them sit on my desk for several days, I think I kind of like them.  I find at 6mm scale, to some degree what you are producing are "counters", and the enlarge ensign kind of works with that effect.

I've got another unit of infantry up (in the process of basing), and one more in the queue, and then I'll likely do some cavalry.  I seem to be on a roll with the 6mm SYW stuff, so will stick with it for now.  I'm still pondering Bluecher, but the test game with Cub didn't seem to catch his attention (he dropped out around turn 7), and he seems more interested in 1/72 skirmish in that period.  Might look at Song of Drums and Shakos as an entry point, with an eye to building larger armies as we go.  In the mean time, I've thought about digging out my 18mm AB Russians as a possible Blucher candidate.  Might play around with some bases to see what I can do.



  1. Beautiful flags flying above beautiful units...gorgeous!

  2. These units look terrific! The beautiful flags, even if oversized, really make these infantry stands pop!

  3. Fabulous stuff, I have to say that I rather like the flags.

  4. Those flags look splendid.

    To hell with reality! Print the Legend!

  5. You might want to look at sharpe practice with the 1/72 figs. Might be a nice compromise between the skirmish level and big battle you seem to be looking for.