Sunday, January 7, 2018

Quick and Dirty

Hi all,

Just a short one today.  6mm painting mojo is quiet, but I wanted to get something done, so I signed up for a monthly pledge thing at the local G-Dub.  It was enough to break through the doldrums, and get me painting again, and I knocked out a couple of Bloodletters for my growing Khornehorde.

Looking at the pics, I realize I forgot to pick out the eyes.

These guys are pretty much the not-secret weapon of the whole Khorne faction, in that with a wee bit of synergy they reliably produce a large number of mortal wounds (i.e., they auto-wound and ignore armour).  Given that Khorne pretty much gives up ranged attacks and magic, this does a fair bit to even the playing field, even against what are emerging as the more powerful factions in the game.

Just look at that brisket!

I've committed to doing 10 of these for the end of the month.  Given that with a bit of focus I can do two in an evening, this should not only be doable, but leave me time for other painting if the mood strikes.  I've also set up a game of AoS for Thursday. and as long as I remember to bring the camera, should have some good pics from the game.



  1. Maybe quick and dirty, but sure looks effective!


  2. Do at least 1 6mm base for every 28mm whatever thing you do. Think of it as the Lemming plan, in that I'll think less of you if you fail to do so.

  3. Good looking work, and diversions from 6mm are an acceptable way to maintain ones momentum....