Friday, January 19, 2018


Hi all,

As per my last post, I signed up at the local G-Dub for a sort of painting pledge a thon, where each month we commit to a painting goal, and execute it.  I went for a fairly conservative, attainable goal, 10 Bloodletters, and managed to finish them up the other day.

Although I didn't get a group glamour shot (a consequence of tossing the complete figs back in the army case with their buddies), I did snap pics of each pair as I finished them.

This leaves with (I think) 6 more to do to finish the unit of 30 I've been working on.  In the meantime, I've been playing around with a test model for a unit of Chaos Warhounds I'll likely run as Khorne Fleshounds in my list.

The flesh is pretty close to what I do on my mortals, and the fur is a close match for the spiny ridge things on the back of the Bloodletters, so these should fit reasonably well into the army.

I've got some 6mm on deck, along with more AoS, so should get a few more posts up soonish.