Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Totes m'goats

Hi all,

The bottom half of January saw me mucking about with something I've wanted to do for a long, long time - paint up some Beastmen, or as they're now known, Brayherds.


These are getting to be older sculpts in the current line, but remain some of the most characterful they've done.  I've always found the Beasts appealing, liked the models, but never got around to doing them.  2018 will be, I think, the year of the goat.  The current plan is to start with a big unit of Gors (these guys), and maybe a hero, and ally them into the Khorne army I've been running since AoS came out.



Aside from goats being one of my favorite animals (I'm a sucker for baby goat videos, and have several "it ate my pants" stories), Brayherds in AoS also offer some entertaining options in play.  Although not really competitive for tournaments (limited choice of units, no book of their own), they are one of the fastest armies in the game (rivaled only by slannesh daemons), can summon monsters with their incredibly cheap wizards (which can also summon traditional stuff like daemons), and can ambush as an army.  Their units are cheap, especially with the bulk discount, and I can easily see moving towards some kind of mixed chaos thing as I add more stuff.


I wanted a colour scheme that would be distinct to the goats, but also work with my existing (red) Khorne.  I ended up going with cooler natural tones, but used the same bone colour, basing, and red (for accents) that I used in the existing army.  I don't have a pic of them side by side, but it does seem to work.


I may get a chance to get these on the table as early as Thursday.  10 Gor won't do much in the game, but I'm chuffed to see them in play.  I've also picked up my favorite version of the Beastlord (the brayherd fighty hero), and might get him finished up this month.

I'm still doing the painting challenge for this month, and will likely prioritize Khorne stuff, but depending on how the month goes, may get some more stuff done for these guys.