Thursday, June 28, 2018

I should have brought some rope

Hi all,

It feels like I should have embedded some Jefferson Airplane on this blog post, as it's more or less about me beginning to fall down a rabbit hole.

See, I painted some 18mm Napoloeonics.


Some ways back (6-7 years?), when I was living in Toronto, the THMG gang started playing Lasalle.  I was a little divided on the game at the time.  One one hand, it was a Sam Mustafa game (and I'm an unrepentant fanboy of his work), and the eye-candy was top notch.  On the other hand, it was on the small side of battalion-scale Napoleonics, and at the time I was very much into big-battle stuff.  However, AB figures were pretty enough for me to pick up a few units to test the waters, but expensive enough that I didn't grab a whole army in one go.


At that point, I promptly sat on the figures for the next several years.  Lasalle died out at the club, I was drawn into other projects (notably Maurice and Impetus), and life happened.  I never got rid of them, however (too pretty by far), and periodically pulled them out for a look over and a good sigh.


Then a week or two ago, I went on a bit of a youtube binge, notably getting caught up on Paul Alba's channel (he also has a blog, and if you've missed it, here, you're welcome:, and it was enough to get me moving.  I dug out my Russians, and got a unit painted up.

It was fun, but it also brought home how out of practice I am at painting the scale (it's been a while).  They didn't turn out as well as I wanted, but I'm pretty sure I'll do a better job on them next time.  I suspect this is the beginning of something, as not only has painting these got my mojo going again (I've note really done much painting for months), but I'm also looking at some of the other stuff in this scale I have tucked away.

The unit, by the way, is the 3rd battalion of the Preobrajenski Guard.  The planned starting force for Lasalle was a guard formation, based on some of the units at the Battle of Kulm.  Might try some cuirassier next.



  1. Out of practice? The Russians in your photos look superb!

  2. Wow, those are 18mm? Outstanding job!

  3. He is one of the best sculptors. My 15mm French Revolution armies had as many of his sculpts as I could afford, that was in the days of Battle Honours rather than AB.

    Meanwhile the painted figures look pretty darn good to me.

    1. I love his stuff. There's plenty of 28mm that don't have the same level of detail and character.

  4. Great looking Russians!
    Best Iain

  5. Superb looking Russians! The AB Napoleonics range are quite stunning!.

    Cheers, Ross

  6. Beautiful work, wish i kept and finished my Russians.