Thursday, July 5, 2018

Jungy from the Block?

Hi all,

Some more infantry for the Brit and Hanoverian SYW army, this time the Block and Jung-Zastrow regiments.

Jung Zastrow left, Block Right.

For Father's day, I received a new desk lamp - same model as my old one, but a bit more reliable.  Being me, rather than simply replacing the old one, I'm now using two at the same time.  Plus side is that I now have more, and multi-directional, light, but the bulb in the new lamp has a noticeably yellow tone.  I'm going to see if I can replace the bulb, but in the meantime, it's having an interesting effect on pictures.

I love the Block flag.  Although it is worth pointig out that strange arms, extending from clouds, distributing swords, is no basis for a system of government.

Reasonably pleased with these, although the turnbacks could use some cleaning up.  Don't know if it's my aging eyes, or if I just need to break down and pick up some new brushes, but it's getting harder to get them just so.


With these guys completed, I have enough units to field a Maurice force (with national advantages), which means at some point in the hopefully not too distant future I can get a game in, either solo, or against the Cub, if I can talk him into it. He wasn't too impressed with Blucher, although to be fair, that was a learning game that moved rather slowly.  Maybe Maurice will catch his attention.

It also means my thoughts have been turning to terrain, and I'm thinking that might be a good summer project.  Both the kids like to paint, the Puddin' especially has been bugging me to do some painting and crafty stuff together, and terrain is something they can both actually contribute to.  Fingers crossed, anyways.



  1. Cracking looking units, bathed in a warm, appreciative glow. ;)

  2. That's really great !
    The faces at this scale is fabulous !
    We love also the basing and the colours !
    Bravo !

  3. Outstanding brushwork, Markus! The flags really make each unit pop and the yellowish lighting offers a pleasing effect. Keep the lighting!

  4. Wow, wonderful units and flags, they look superb!

  5. Amazing work as always! Your talented brushwork translates equally impressively in all scales.

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