Monday, November 19, 2018


Hi all,

Way back in March, I picked up a smallish starter force for the Flesh Eater Courts, and got as far as assembling them, and slapping on a few base colours.  Since then, they've rather languished, despite the occasional urge to break them out.  Thankfully, one of the local guys has started up an escalation league, and that's got me painting again.


This is a Ghoul King on terrorgheist, and he's the general of my burgeoning army.  He's also a bit of a points sink, so I'll be running him solo for the first two weeks of the league (as his points exceed the initial block).


He's also worth his points, especially in the current ruleset, in that with the selective use of faction abilities, not only does he bring himself and his ride to the table (both are beatsticks), but he's also a decent wizard, and can summon additional forces.


It's a fun kit to build, and to play with.  The sharper-eyed among you may have noted the Bretonnian bits and imagery on the model.  The background of the FEC is that they are are basically insane (aside from the whole vampire-led cannibal cult thing).  They all think they are actually noble knights and heroes of old, defending their lands and crusading against evil.  I've thrown a few bits of Bretonnian stuff throughout the models I've done so far, as a nod to my poor squatted "kn-iggits".