Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I'm going to kill that Groundhog

Hi all,

Another "not yet dead" post from the Monkey.  It seems of late I've been neglecting the blog.  Not sure why, as there's been at least some activity in Monkeyland.  Might have something to do with winter, as I do tend to turtle up a bit when things get dark and cold, but could also be that locally the scene is mostly fantasy / sci-fi, and that community seems to have largely shifted over to social media.

Terminators from the Space Hulk Box game.  See, I have been painting!

It hit me the other day that the blog is now more than 10 years old; I past that milestone back in March.  Seems crazy to think about it, but there's now a decade of hobby in this thing, and it seems a shame to let it go.  While I'm not big on resolutions, I do think I'll make an effort to get back in the habit of taking pictures and making posts.  One a week shouldn't be too hard, even if it means I need to occasionally broaden my content a little.

Some Imperial Guard.  Always had a soft spot for these guys.  Now I just need to paint 70 more ;)

There's a few things going on in Monkeyland.  I've continued to play the revamped Middle Earth SBG, both in its skirmish / Battle Companies iteration and the full game, and have made some progress on painting there.  AoS remains my main game, particularly in terms of opportunity to play, and I recently completed an escalation league using my Flesh Eater Courts, and have most of a thousand points of them painted up.  I've also been putting at expanding my AoS Khorne army into 40k, using a mix of the old Dark Vengeance models, and the ones just released in the Shadowspear box.  I'm mostly playing 40k against the Cub (who, shockingly, is about to become a teenager!), and have found playing Khorne in 40k at least as cathartic as in AoS ;) .

The pics seem to have washed out the red a little, but still looks pretty good.

On the historicals front, it's slow going.  I get the occasional itch to paint napoleonics in a range of scales, but the realities of time and opportunity tend to asset themselves.  I do pick away at my lead pile of 6mm SYW stuff (have some Russians on the painting table as I write this), so will update them as well.

There's something appealing about a bog-standard human in the 40k 'verse.

Many thanks to those of you who stuck with me through the last decade, especially through the doldrums and periodic gaps in posting.  I don't know if I'll make another decade, but it'll be enjoyable to record what happens along the way.



  1. Welcome back! Your blog may have been on hiatus but your painting skills certainly have not. Your latest works are fab! I would enjoy seeing a return to SYW. Do you do any solo gaming?

    1. Thanks, Jonathan! I played a solo game of Maurice back in November, and rather enjoyed it. Might try to set up another game in the next month or so, but finding a free afternoon can be a challenge ;)

  2. Nice painting there FMB. GW does make some cool miniatures. Congrats on the blog being 10 years old. That’s a long time. 😀

  3. Very nice work, FMB! Congrats on the 10!

  4. Nice to see you back! Lovely looking terminators and guard!
    Best Iain