Sunday, June 16, 2019

Ogre Test Run

Hi all,

Go in my first game with the Ogres (or "Ogors", as they're now called).  1000 point list, very zen (one with everything, i.e., I took a little of a lot of different units), and mostly about trying out the army and seeing how it runs.


Only got pics from the start of the game, as once things got going I spent a fair bit of time looking things up (and hence forgot).  I was playing against Daughters of Khaine, which is a reasonably competitive army, so wasn't really expecting a win.  In the end, I lost on points, but was reasonably pleased at how killy the boys were.


When the army connects, it hits like a ton of bricks.  I had zero issues removing units from the table as long as they ogors hit.  With a 4+ to hit for most things, however, they can be swingy, and I whiffed as much as I knocked things flying.


The army is also elite - a small number of high-capability models, with only moderate speed.  Movement and forethought will be key, as they're not fast enough, or numerous enough, to afford thoughtless casualties, or seize objectives through sheer mass.  In fact, they're a really nice counterpoint in that sense to the Beast of Chaos, who are super-speed, more or less a horde, but hit like pillows.


I really enjoy painting these guys, and playing them was fun as well.  There's a campaign starting up in the shop, so I think I'll be bringing them out on a regular basis for that.  More pics as stuff gets done.