Saturday, November 25, 2017

Relax, Charlie, I got an angle . . . .

Hi all,

Some more additions to the House (or Host?) of Hanover, a few bases of guns, and the first command stands.

His Grace the Duke of Dunderland


I needed a bit of a break from painting line infantry, and wanted to keep some momentum going with 6mm, so these guys were it.

And his subordinate, but much more active, subcommander.


While puttering with this lot, I also cooked up another sheet of flags for horse and foot.  As it turns out, I misunderstood the instructions I left for myself the last time I did this, and the new flags are noticeably larger than the last batch.  I'm not 100% sure whether I want to redo them (only one unit has had flags glued, and they'd be easy enough to remove), or whether I like the new, over-oversize flags.  The Cub seems to think they're too big, but they also allow for flags to be much more visible.  Haven't decided yet.

Red gun!  Red gun!


In the mean time, I've been reading the rules for Sam Mustafa's recent game, Blucher, and am becoming something of a fanboy.  While I've appreciated any game of Sam's I've played (Maurice probably being my favorite historical game ever), these rules, even unplayed, are impressive.  He rather elegantly deals with a number of dynamic issues in play (scenario dynamics, reserves, why you pay attention to key points of a battlefield) in a way that's not intrusive, but matters.  Lovely stuff, and it has me digging out my 6mm Napoleonic Russians.  I've glued some up and primed them, and plan to get at least a test unit finished.  In the meantime, I've printed off the "learning scenario", and plan to dragoon the Cub into assisting me with learning the rules.  Plans within plans at the Monkeyhouse.

Also, at the Cub's insistence, I include rare photographic evidence of the strange events which interfered with the first round of photos to be included in this post.  Strange beasts for strange days.

The Great Beast arises.



  1. Very nice painting and basing on those commanders :)

  2. That's some even better painting on the large scale cat model. Looks almost realistic!

  3. Large scale is right - and it's still not full grown . . .

  4. Beautiful job on the artillery and command stands...and beautiful cat!

  5. Lovely command stands, especially given the scale.

  6. Your 6mm project is awesome! I don't know how you manage to paint tiny things so well.

    BTW, I'm a huge fan of everything Mustafa puts out & that includes Blucher!