Thursday, July 19, 2018

A few wee hoosies.

Hi all,

As the first step in getting some 6mm terrain together, I painted up a pack of "European" houses from Baccus.  I think the pack I had predated some line expansion, as the houses in question are now coded as Western European, and labelled on the website as French.  Which works, given the armies I have to deploy ;)



They come with 60x60 plinths, which will be handy markers for occupied towns - but the resin base plates on the houses seem to have warped a little, so the don't fit well.



I figure what I'll do is just swap out the houses for the plinths if it comes up in game.



I took a slightly different approach to these than my usual painting - went with a white base coat, and lots of washes and glazes.  I think they turned out alright.

Next up should be a blast from the past.  I've been playing around with ideas for ancients, and it's got me painting them as well.



  1. They look great. Interested to hear about your coming project, too...

  2. Thanks for the painting method of these Baccus houses... We have twenty of them to paint and We hesitate between white or black base coat !
    Now We know... it will be white !
    Bravo there are really beautifull !
    We hope do as good as you !

  3. Very handsome collection of 6mm buildings. I like the effect obtained from your glazes and washes. I could use some of those!

  4. Great results, I may give your glaze approach a try.

  5. Those look great. Lots of details in those 6mm houses. First time here I think so having a nice look around. Nice blog! 😀