Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Russians are coming!

Hi all,

First of the Russian units for the SYW are finished, the Chernigovskiy regiment:



I did something a little different with the flags this time.  Up until now, on pretty much everything, I've used steel wire for flagpoles.  This time, I used plastic broom straws, and flattened them into a spear point (something I've done for ancients for a while).  I like the effect, and the flexibility of the poles, so will likely continue with this from now on.



The Russians are also a little different in that the uniforms, at least for infantry, were standardized to a much greater extent than in other contemporary forces.  Same coat, facings, turnbacks, etc., regardless of regiment.  There's a also a lot of red in the uniform - pretty much everything other than the outer coat.  Getting contrast between uniform components was a bit of a trick, but I'm reasonably happy with how they turned out, and am looking forward to painting more.

I think with this army I'll also go cavalry heavy.  I have a bunch of Russian horse, including cossacks, and haven't tried a force in Maurice where cavalry is the dominant arm.  It'll be interesting to see how it works.



  1. Nice, indeed! I find a Russian SYW battalion very easy to paint for the "uniform" uniform and all that red.

  2. Very impressive brushwork! Even more so in 6mm!

  3. Most impressive mass effect, and beautiful painting on these Russians, congrats!

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