Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Back from the past

Hi all,

I seem to be on a historicals kick right now, to the point that I dug out an old project from the Toronto days, and added a little progress.


Impetus Unit Type:  FP
Base Size: 8cm x 3cm
Manufacturer:  15mm Xyston


They're a little glossy in the picture (more than in reality, in fact), but this is the rear element of my second Spartan phalanx (first one is here).


This seems to have lit a spark, and I've been working on some more Spartan stuff, as well as a test unit for an Achaemenid force.  All in all, I've been painting, and puttering up a storm, and generally having fun.  Don't know if its the summer weather, or what, but for now, I'll enjoy the productivity while it lasts.



  1. I hope your historical kick sticks!

  2. Great work... these look's like 28mm! :-)
    Do you did the shield Omega yourself?
    Is the general in the middle a AB figure or Xyston?

    1. Omegas are by hand, and good eyes - yes the general in the front rank is AB.

  3. Excellent! Love to see Xyston figures move from the painting tray to the gaming table! And test painting an Achaemenid unit? Quite interested in that...


  4. Very nice looking unit! And good use of a paper towel as a background. 😀

  5. Great work on these!

    (15mm was my #1 scale for about 20 years)

    1. Thanks, Ross - the critical question is do you still have 15mm ancients? ;)

    2. Never did ancients in 15, 25 was my scale for ancients since 1973. (Apart from a short hiatus for a 4 man 54mm plastic ancients campaign that lasted for about 4-5 years around the turn of the century.)

      However, my brother-in-law abandoned a bunch of unpainted 15mm castings for a Carthaginian army if you have room.

    3. Ooh, that's a dangerous idea ;)

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